• Thank you prize


    (Alternate cash value cannot
    be disbursed)

    Sweeps Value – Rs.8,20,000/-

  • III. Monthly Bonanza Prizes

    12 AIR PURIFIERS – 1 for
    each month

    Total Sweeps value – Rs. 1,32,000

  • IV. Special Bonus Prizes

    2158 Special Bonus Prizes
    Surprise Gifts

    (Total prize allocation
    Rs. 75,50,842/-)

TOTAL SWEEPSTAKES VALUE: Rs.1,00,02,842 TOTAL PRIZES: 2172 Valid From - 1st Jan 2019 to 31st Dec 2019 & Draw Date : 22nd Feb 2020
  • Mr. Vasanth Kumar

    Bengaluru, Karnataka
    Super Grand Prize

    Rs. 15 Lacs
  • Mr. Omprakash Bhendigeri

    Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Thank You Prize

    Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza


Winner for Winner's Name City State
January Nagesh Babu Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
February Deepak Patil Chalisgaon Maharashtra
March Pushpa Latha Bangalore Karnataka
April Vivek Bhuskute Dombivli Maharashtra
May Madiki Simhadriappanna Rajahmundry Andhra Pradesh
June Paulus Moses Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
July Syed Fahad Bangalore Karnataka
August Sandeep Lakhanpal Noida Uttar Pradesh
September Narendranath Roy Asansol West Bengal
October Saloni Chudasama Mumbai Maharashtra
November Ravindra Kumar Jaipur Rajasthan
December Ejaz Sachora Palanpur Gujarat

Special Bonus Prizes

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Past Sweepstakes Winner


Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If your question is not listed below, please don't hesitate to send us your questions to rdcare@intoday.com and we'll be pleased to help.

  • Are Reader's Digest Sweepstakes genuine?

    In one word "Yes", with an independent auditor/lawyer supervising the procedures and prize draws.

  • Why does Reader's Digest run Sweepstakes?

    We offer great products at very reasonable prices...and because most people appreciate the chance to win, we throw in Sweepstakes prizes as a special bonus. An extra incentive - if you like - for people to find out more about our products.

  • How do Reader's Digest Sweepstakes work?

    Our Sweepstakes have been designed specifically to please you - our customer. We include the rules and operational dates of our Sweepstakes on every promotional mailing. Entry to the Sweepstakes is free and by invitation only. No purchase is required and every entry has the same chance of winning. Only entries received before the Sweepstakes closing date are eligible for the draw. Winning entries are randomly selected from all entries received (both YES and NO envelopes). The final draw is held in the presence of an independent auditor/lawyer.

  • How often do you hold Sweepstakes?

    Every year, we come up with new prizes for you to win. We draw winning entries every 12 months for the main Sweepstakes, but hold special giveaways throughout the year that have been tailored to a particular offer. These extra prizes range from Hi-fi players to cars, or even CASH!

  • How much money is given away in the Sweepstakes?

    Taking into consideration the merchandise prizes as well as the cash, we will distribute over Rs. 20,000,000.00 in the next year in our Sweepstakes and giveaways.

  • Are all Sweepstakes prizes given away?

    We guarantee that every single prize allocated for a Sweepstakes is given away.

  • Will you contact me if I've won?

    Most definitely! All Reader's Digest Sweepstakes winners are officially notified in writing.

  • Will the winners' names be published?

    All major prize winners' names will be published on our website.

  • When will the draw be held?

    The Sweepstakes draw is scheduled to be held in 24th Feb 2018

  • When is the last date of participating in the draw?

    The last date for receiving entry is 31st Dec'17

  • Does Reader's Digest ever postpone the draws?

    Never! A prize draw always takes place on the day that has been specified. A brand new Sweepstakes begins a few weeks before the old one closes, ensuring that nobody misses out on the chance to win. It is quite possible for people to receive entries into both the old and the new Sweepstakes during this overlap period.

  • Do I have to buy anything to be eligible to enter the Sweepstakes?

    Your chances of winning are equally good whether you purchase a product or not.

  • Am I better off if I buy a product?

    While you can enter the main Sweepstakes - and have an equal chance of winning - by saying YES or NO, irrespective of a purchase or no.

  • See our Fraud Prevention Tips to guard yourself.

    A) Be wary of phone calls claiming you've won a prize.

    B) Be suspicious if people ask you for money to claim a prize.

    Most reputable companies notify winners by mail or fax only. So if you receive a phone call like this, just ask one simple question: "Is it free?" If not, hang up

  • Never send money to someone you don't know.

    Con artists ask you to wire money or send it by overnight courier, or provide bank account information so they can debit your account. Don't be foolish with your cash. Never pay anything to receive a prize.

  • Does it sound too good to be true?

    A simple rule of thumb...reputable companies are usually easy to track down. Try calling them.

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Meet Our Winners

  • Mr. Vasanth Kumar winning Rs. 15,00,000 Cash

  • Mr. Omprakash Bhendigeri winning a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

  • Ms. Deepa Alex winning a Ford Eco Sport

  • Mr. Steven Rajan winning Rs. 17,00,000 Cash