Pandal Food

This is Calcutta, during the pujas. Of course thousands of people have shown up to worship the goddess. All right, not worship the goddess, worship each other, and food ...

Taslima Nasrin On A Rebellious Childhood, Facing Death And Being A Woman In Islamic Bangladesh

In a hard-hitting speech, Taslima Nasrin talks about the oppression women face, and why they need to fight for their freedom in the face of oppressive customs.
Art of Living

Light Up Your Life

9 ways to dress up your home this festive season


The World's Dumbest Criminals

Crime never pays, especially if it’s planned badly.

Illustration by Priya Kuriyan
Voices & Views

Advice to a Boy Lonely In Montreal

An empty nester writes to his millennial son trying to find himself in the big city.

Illustration by Titas Panda
Books and Culture

The Leopard

The author forged an unlikely friendship with a big cat—but did it come at a price?


The Festival Of Giving

DaanUtsav—an initiative that aims to spread generosity, kindness and compassion—celebrates 10 years this month.

True Stories

The Gift of Bad Times

My year of unemployment and the lessons it taught me

A panoramic view of the Auckland,  New Zealand skyline.  (Alamy)

5 Reasons To Visit New Zealand

From natural beauty to fabulous food and a unique local culture, this island country is pure magic.

Health & Wellness

Bring on the Glow

Follow these simple beauty rules this festive season to double your radiance.

What critical parlour aunties taught me
Voices & Views

What critical parlour aunties taught me

A facial is about anything but pampering yourself


Shashi Tharoor's Intimate Connection With Reader's Digest

While launching the March 2018 issue, Shashi Tharoor relives his memories of a childhood spent in close proximity to the Reader's Digest.


Vidya Balan on What Reader's Digest has Meant to Her, Growing Up

Vidya Balan speaks about her childhood memories of the Reader's Digest magazine and the sections she enjoyed the most.


5 Steps to Ensure a Healthy Financial Wealth

Practising financial planner and columnist Gaurav Mashruwala highlights five ways to secure your financial wealth.

RD Chronicles

Snippets from Taslima Nasrin's Speech at Reader's Digest Chronicles (Part 2)

Sections from Taslima Nasrin's powerful speech at the first edition of Reader's Digest Chronicles.