The Misunderstood in the Ramayana

News of the Rama-Sita case had unforeseen consequences at Indian law firms.

Updated: Dec 14, 2018 10:52:35 IST
The Misunderstood in the Ramayana

A COUPLE IN BAREILLY, UP, was going through a rough patch, and both husband and wife decided to independently seek romance online. Soon, each found exciting affair-potential partners, and after three months of growing digital intimacy decided to meet their respective new loves-only to find they'd set up a date with each other! Talk about lovers cast together by fate.

This did not, however, end in renewed love-instead, the couple started fighting so viciously that the police had to be called in. The police, though, could not find a relevant section to book the couple under, so no arrests were made.

Submitted by: R. Ramesh, Chennai. Source: The Huffington Post


THE POLICE had no such problem, however, finding reasons to break up a gambling den in Bhopal. The person who tipped them off to its existence, though, was an unlikely candidate-an eight-year-old boy who was complaining about his own father. Aamir Shoaib, the young idealist in question, was praised by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for being an upstanding citizen. We hope that Aamir's actions were not motivated by anything petty, such as revenge for not being given enough ice cream.

Submitted by: Mukta Shrivastava, Bhopal. Source: The Times of India


MOST EQUALITY-ORIENTED governments in India have tried to bring about progressive taxation to ensure the rich contribute more to government coffers than the middle class. One unfortunate victim of luxury taxation though, is the humble samosa, which has recently been declared a luxury in Bihar and is to be taxed accordingly. A samosa normally costs about `10, but now there'll be a 13.5 per cent luxury tax imposed on it. But at least rich kids driving fancy cars in Patna will know what the fashionable thing to be seen eating is.     

Submitted by: Rajeshwari Singh, New Delhi. Source: The Times of India


INDIAN WEDDINGS are known across the world for their lavish style and seamless blending of rituals and wild partying. But a truly unique wedding was conducted at a village near Dibrugarh, Assam, where a male and female frog were wedded to each other in a six-hour-long ceremony. The frogs wore the required traditional clothing and there were a thousand guests. The ceremony was conducted to propitiate the rain gods, and sure enough, the rains arrived soon after. We may have finally found a way to combat climate change,and we hope the frogs are living happily ever after.

Submitted by: Lester Santos, Vasai, Maharashtra. Source:


LAST MONTH'S unlikeliest celebrity was the Goat of Chhattisgarh, which was arrested by the police in Koriya for breaking into a judge's garden and causing damage to it. The marauder was, according to local legend, a repeat offender who had, on several occasions, interfered with the smooth functioning of the state judiciary. The goat was locked up with his master, but later released on bail. We are sure though, that this hardened criminal will strike again. The Chhattisgarh Police had recently been involved in a controversy related to their inactivity, but now we know they weren't lazing about.       


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