Broke your nose? Print a new one!

From 3-D printed body parts to how prediabetics can reverse their condition and more

Updated: Sep 24, 2018 18:57:29 IST
Broke your nose? Print a new one!

Just Broke Your Nose? Print a New One

In the future, doctors may create cartilage to repair a damaged nose, ear or knee using a 3D printer. At an American Chemical Society meeting, researchers reported using ink containing human cells to print cartilage in specific shapes. They successfully implanted the tissue into mice, and hope the technology will eventually help surgeons repair damage from injuries or cancer in humans.

Feeling Thirsty Hurts The Heart

Research shows mild dehydration may impair heart function nearly as much as smoking a cigarette. University of Arkansas, USA researchers measured the dilation and constriction of the inner lining of blood vessels that play a critical role in the heart health in healthy young men. Minor dehydration (when you start feeling thirsty) inhibits blood vessel flexibility, possibly contributing to artery hardening and heart disease.

Nearsightedness: A Global Trend

Experts estimate that half of us will be nearsighted by 2050, thanks to a surge in the amount of time we spend indoors staring  at phones and computers, says a report in Ophthalmology. Researchers suggest cutting back on screen time and getting outside. Natural light may stimulate the release of dopamine, which regulates eye growth.

The Danger of Mixing Drugs

The number of people aged 62 to 85 who regularly use potentially fatal combinations of prescription medications with otc (over the counter) drugs and dietary supplements has doubled over a five-year period, according to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, Chicago. Both prescription drug and supplement use in older adults have increased in the past decade [in the US]. Ask your doctor about how certain medications or dietary supplements may interact before popping an extra pill.

Mistake That Ruins Your Free Time

Marking your calendar may be a killjoy. Researchers found that assigning a date and time for leisure activities actually made the experiences feel like chores, lowering both anticipation and enjoyment in a series of 13 studies by researchers from Washington University in St. Louis, USA. Researchers suggest picking a date to meet a friend but maintaining spontaneity in specific timing (say, grabbing dinner 'after work' rather than 'at 7 p.m.'). Though the activity is the same, your brain will process it differently, and you'll enjoy yourself more.

Don't Miss The Chance To Reverse Prediabetes

More than 80 million Indians have this condition, in which blood sugar levels are elevated but not high enough to be considered diabetes. In the US, more than one-third of Americans are prediabetic. Yet of those given a diagnosis of prediabetes in a new Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine study, only 23 per cent were prescribed treatment. Ask your doctor about options: Simple changes, such as regular exercises and healthy eating could slow or stop its progression.

Open A Blood Bank Account!

The Indian Red Cross Society has launched an app called Blood Banking in Bengaluru, Karnataka, across iOS and Android platforms. This is the first project of its kind and is simple to use. Download the app, register and get an account number, schedule an appointment, find a Red Cross blood bank location, fix a time to donate, bank the blood for later use and even transfer the credits to someone in need. The app, with the catchphrase "Save your blood, secure your future," is available only in Karnataka for now. This is likely to be launched in other states as well.

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