Instant Makeover for Your Space

This festive season, give a new look to your home with just a few quick hacks!

Updated: Sep 21, 2018 14:32:20 IST
Instant Makeover for Your Space

A good scrub

The easiest way to make your home feel fresh and clean is to do a top to bottom, empty-out-the-cabinets-style clean up. This is a good time to get rid of clutter: You'll see the sparkle after it's gone. If you don't have the time, book a home visit with a cleaning service. Services like Broomberg (Delhi/NCR), UrbanClap, Mr. Right and the app HouseJoy (all across India) can help you find professionals at competitive rates. There's nothing these guys can't buff up to a shine-kitchens, bathrooms, the interior and exterior of your home!

A new coat

Don't have time for an inside-out paint job? Just refresh the exterior of your house in a new colour scheme. Your home will get an instant makeover! You can give your rooms a new look with accent walls in vibrant patterns; or bring a hidden corner to light with wall stencils or textured paint. Also, explore the option of fun, colourful wallpapers for the children's space or living room for an instant facelift-you can use them on just one wall in a room too.

Bring in the green

Potted plants and flowers add a layer of freshness and colour to any room. Put them on windowsills, on stair landings or next to doors. Don't have time for a landscaping job? Raid your local nursery for already blooming herbs and flowers, or fully-grown plants that are already potted and see your balcony or garden come alive.

Light 'em up

Consider replacing the fluorescent lighting in your home to a softer, yellow hue. It brings warmth to a room and will give your house a more festive feel. Pedestal or overhead lamps, and strategically used small lighting fixtures-to bring focus to your artwork, any dark corners or stairwells-can completely change the personality of your space.

Fruit of the loom

Replacing the curtains, linen and rugs in your house is low on effort but big on impact. It's a chance to introduce new colours and patterns into the room. For the festive season, bring out your silk curtains and cushion covers to give your house a plush upgrade. A wood polish and change of furniture upholstery to contemporary patterns or colours is another quick way of adding in new design elements.

Art for art's sake

We have a ton of old photos sitting in our almirahs and many new ones in our smartphones. Pick out your favourite moments, frame them in different styles and hang them up on your new 'memory wall'. Whether it be traditional china, postcards, shot glasses-your favourite curios deserve to be displayed for the world to see, so bring them out! Hanging up new art pieces on the wall, like a big painting or a traditional weave, is another low-effort way of creating an interesting visual point in the room.

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