Sweepstakes Winners 2013 (mid-year) - 2012


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Congratulations to Reader's Digest November 2013 Quick Cash Prize Draw Winner!



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The Reader’s Digest Rs. 1 Crore Sweepstakes 2012

Rs. 1 Crore Sweepstakes '12 Winners

From left to right - Ms. Shohinee Banerjei, Ms. Anu Dhamija, Mr. Amit Sundriyal, Mr. Vikas Malhotra, Mr. T.K Barua, Ms. Priya Gandhi, Mr. Rajesh Khutia, Mr. G.L Ravi Kumar, Mr. Anuj Jamdegni and Ms. Anuradha Rana.

Super Grand Prize Rs 38 lakhs

Super Grand Prize (Rs. 35,00,000) + Early Reply Bonus
total of Rs. 38,00,000

Mr. T.K Barua (Assam) receiving Rs. 38 lakh from Mr. Vikas Malhotra, Senior General Manager, India Today Group.

In the words of Mr. Barua:
"There are certain unfulfilled dreams and obligation towards the under privileged children for whom we ran a school. Reader’s digest has helped me in contributing towards the same and bring a smile on the faces of these children"


           Special Recognition Prize of Chevrolet Captiva
or Rs. 18,00,000 

Mr. Khutia (Kolkata) receiving Rs. 18 lakhs from Ms. Priya Gandhi, Marketing Head, Reader's Digest
In the words of Mr. Khutia:
" I had a dream to build a house Reader’s Digest helped me in fulfilling my dream"

Special Recognition Prize Rs. 18 lakhs or Chevrolet Captiva


Chairman's Reward Prize - Rs. 2,00,000: MR S RAMANATHAN, PONDICHERRY


Lucky Number Jackpot (Jan–Dec) - Rs. 2,50,000: MR R BELGAUNKAR, MUMBAI


Quick Cash Prize (Jan–May) - Rs. 3,00,000: MR PANKAJ NATH, MUMBAI


Fast Fortune Prize (Jun–Oct) - Rs.2,50,000: MR A R VISHWANATHAN, CHENNAI


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